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Restylane is the perfect product for lips, wrinkles, and facial contours. Smoothing wrinkles and folds around the mouth area gives a fuller and more youthful look. Restylane is a natural product made up of Hyaluronic Acid and is injected into the lips, nasal folds and other facial depressions, such as acne scarring. Unlike most forms of collagen used, Hyaluronic Acid is a substance found naturally in our body, so no skin tests are needed! Once injected, Restylane binds with the water in the tissue to lift and plump the skin. It lasts several months longer than collagen and will eventually absorb into the body. Restylane can be injected the same day achieving immediate results with only mild swelling and tenderness.

Visibility of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are visible because they are lower or deeper than surrounding skin. Light casts shadows into them, making them visible. When you see wrinkles, you are actually looking at the shadow, not the wrinkle. If wrinkles can be brought to the same level as surrounding skin, their visibility will diminish because the accompanying shadows will be nonexistent. This can be accomplished by either lowering the surrounding skin or raising each wrinkle. Chemical peel, Dermabrasion, and Laser Resurfacing lower the surrounding skin. Fillers aim to raise the wrinkle.

About Dermalogen

Dermalogen is obtained from deceased human donors. It may last longer than bovine collagen and minimizes the problems of allergic reactions and connective tissue disorders. Unlike Isolagen or Autologen, it neither requires skin removal nor a waiting period for its preparation. Transmission of infection from the human donor is a theoretical risk, but because Dermalogen is sterilized and processed, transmission of infection has not occurred. Two or three injections are recommended at one to two month intervals to achieve maximal benefit. Maintenance injections are supposedly not needed, although the benefit is expected to dissipate over months or years, at which time a new series of injections will be needed.

About Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen injections last for 6-12 weeks. Because of transient effect, possible allergic reactions, and potential connective tissue disorders, doctors have turned to other alternatives.

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