Ddf relax wrinkle

Ddf relax wrinkle is a combination of two proven non-toxic, anti-aging peptide chemically combined from naturally derived amino acids. It works in a non-paralytic way over time to reduce neurotransmitters that mediate or initiate muscle contractions. It helps to prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements without loss of natural expression. It increases collagen and elastin matrix. It also helps to prevent premature aging. Wrinkles can appear as deep creases in the skin or thin surface lines that mar the once smooth surface of the skin. Wrinkles or as also known as laugh lines or crow's feet or signs of character are caused by the constant contraction of the muscles as we use our face. Wrinkles result from laughing often, sun exposure and tugging on the skin.

Causes of wrinkles

Wrinkles are due to the loss of skin vitality or it also occurs in aging skin. It comes from changes in cellular function deep within the skin. As we age, the collagen and elastin framework of the skin begins to collapse, skin cell generation slows and sebaceous glands produce less oil. The top layer of skin becomes dehydrated and cellular turnover slows as much as one percent a year. Skin is less able to repair damage and less capable of retaining critical moisture. The aging of the skin cells results in a continued collapse of the building blocks responsible for young, firm, resilient skin and years of cumulative environmental damage become more visible.


Wrinkle relax can be used as a reparative or preventative wrinkle treatment. It is ideal for the skin that is not yet experiencing significant signs of aging and will firm and minimize the depth of current wrinkles and lines on older skin. One should be careful enough while makeup, as putting the make up on or taking it off can lead to formation of wrinkles. One should also be careful, not to tug skin when applying make up to the face. One should use a specialized make up remover or a cleanser that thoroughly removes cosmetics to prevent rubbing or pulling. Men who pull skin tight to get a closer shave should avoid stretching the skin since skin loses elasticity as it ages and repeated flattening may enhance wrinkle formation.

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