Teething Remedies:

fingers and, even though you hate it, sticking everything he comes across into his mouth. Then it is seen that these nasty teeth start breaking through the gums and the pleasure his mouth previously provided has been rudely interrupted. One should always try to keep your baby as happy as possible by using the natural remedies. If your child sleeps for five hours or more in one stretch they are not likely in a lot of pain due to teething as it may be a different cause of pain. A good habit is to get in to as soon as baby gets home from the hospital is to clean bacteria off their gums after each feeding session. This process will help them adjust to gum massages when teething begins and will prevent early tooth decay in tooth buds developing below the gum surface.
Other remedies:
One should use a cold teether so that it may provide extra satisfaction. One just has to be very careful providing a teether to a child with teeth as it could puncture it. One can even try a cold baby carrot for a child that doesn't have teeth yet. If your child has teeth, he might choke on pieces of carrot so instead of that one can also give your child a frozen banana. As always, with any food you feed your baby, be sure to supervise closely. One should always use teething biscuits in moderation once teeth appear as they can cause tooth decay. Sometimes a simple distraction can help your baby forget his pain temporarily as distraction can help in the best way to ignore the pain.
Other methods:
One should rub very clean finger against the gums so that your baby may object at first, but soon the counter pressure may provide some relief. A cool Bottle of Water can always help numb the soreness of the gums. Experts caution against the excessive use of teething gels as they contain benzocaine as there is a risk of allergic reaction. In addition, benzocaine can cause numbing of the throat and could lead to choking. Hence one should consult your doctor if you want to help relieve your child's pain with benzocaine.

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