Teething and diarrhea:

When do the babies start getting teeth and what are the problems faced by the babies:

Most of the babies start getting their first teeth when they are 4 and 7 months old. But many of the babies who blooms early starts getting their teethe in three months while some babies who blooms a little late will probably have to wait for one year. Most of the babies face some problems when they first start getting their teeth such as fussiness, diarrhea and fever. Diarrhea is one of the most common problems which are faced by a baby when the teeth start emerging.

What is diarrhea and what are the symptoms of it:

Diarrhea is a very common ailment which the babies often contacts in the childhood especially at the time of teething. In this disease babies lose more fluid and electrolytes in the stool than that of a healthy child. Diarrhea can be diagnosed easily by examining the stool. There is a sudden increase in the frequency of the stools. Each infant has a pattern stool frequency that changes gradually over time. If it changes visibly within only a few days, she may have diarrhea. Sometimes diarrhea is also accompanied by fever and also by frequent vomiting. There is also an increase in the water content of the stool. In this disease there is a possibility of loss of body liquids. Diarrhea can also be caused by a change in diet, by infectivity, by use of antibiotic, or by a number of rare diseases.

How to treat diarrhea at the time of teething:

As it is stated the Diarrhea is a very common disease and it can be easily diagnosed and treated easily at the home also. Normally in the case of teething when the baby feels uneasiness you should give your child something to chew on, such as a firm rubber teething ring or a cold washcloth. In this disease baby loses a lot of body fluids so keep giving him fluids such as milk and fruit juices. It will take one or two weeks for the diarrhea to go.

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