Silver teething rings

Teething Rings are a traditional gift for baby. Many a child's date and time of birth as well as birth weight have been recorded for posterity on teething ring/birth record teethers. And many a sterling silver rattle attached to baby teething rings has born baby's first impressions of teeth. Gift baby with the perfect remembrance of his/her arrival with Salisbury Sterling and Pewter's Baby rattle teether/baby teething rings. The Birth Record Teether is a permanent and beautiful record of your baby's birth. This teether has been in continuous manufacture for over 50 years, made exclusively by Web Sterling and hand crafted by master craftsmen right here in the United States using Old World traditions. Made of pure sterling silver, the metal is soft enough to show your baby's teethmarks, thus preserving your precious memory for a lifetime. The teether may be engraved with the baby's weight, month and year of birth and the little clock hands are even engraved with the time of baby's birth.


Good oral hygiene must start when we are very young. Starting kids out early by teaching them how to brush their teeth is an important start. There are many products out on the market today that help make oral hygiene lots of fun. From flavored toothpastes to fun looking toothbrushes, a lot is being done to help parents not only educate, but make oral hygiene fun and part of a child's daily life. Teeth don't normally show up until a child is about 6 months old so brushing and flossing isn't required. Even though they don't have teeth, you should still clean his/her gums with a damp cloth. Normally infants don't like this at first, but if you turn this routine into a habit he/she begins to get used to it.


One problem arises when we let our infants fall asleep with a bottle. If the bottle contains milk formula or anything sugary, it forms around the teeth and mouth which could potentially cause cavities to form. Instead of allowing your child to fall asleep with a bottle filled with formula or juice, allow them to have water or a pacifier recommended by your pediatrician. To prevent the sugary substance from forming on the teeth and gums during normal feeding times, simply wipe the teeth and gums with a damp cloth after feeding.

Home Remedies For Teething: Give Your Loved One that extra care and attention
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Teething rash:
when the skin is rubbing against a drool-soaked bed sheet which is a normal indication of a rash. In some cases it is seen that there is a red, raised, irritating rash around baby's lips and chin. One can place a drool-absorbing cotton diaper under...

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