Infant Teething: Its painful but its inevitable

Teething is a process wherein the infant gets his first tooth. Teething period varies in each infant beginning from the third mth to the third year. Some babies start teethings very late and there are cases wherein babies are born with a tooth. All this depends on the structure of every infant and the hereditary factors also. On an average the first tooth appears by the 8th month. Teething can be very frustrating for both the baby and the parent.

Teething Process:
Teething process begins from the eight month and goes in till three years for a baby. Before the process starts the babies gums swell and there is a lot of discomfort in the infants behavior. They become very cranky and usually fall ill. The bottom teeth appear first after that you have the upper pair emerging. Then the molars and the canines appear. Last come the back molars. There are a few babies who do not find much pain. Babies usually bring their hands to the mouth. This gives them a sense of comfort and relief to their gums.

Symptoms of Teething Process:
1) Swollen gums and lot of saliva
2) Excess Drooling
3) Irritation while sleeping
4) Low Grade fever or loose motions
5) Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
These symptoms vary from every baby .It is not a hard and fast rule that every baby should have the above sysmptom. Having fever and diarrhea are not yet proven to be directly related to teething, some doctors say it can be viral and other old believe is that it is related to teething. Ofcourse the baby's cranky behavior tells us that they are going through a lot of pain. Some have sleepless nights till the first tooth appears.

Easing the Pain: To reduce the pain of our loved one is something that every parent will want. Few such items are available that can pacify and calm down the pain.
1) Teethers: These are plastic or rubber rings that the baby chews making them feel comfortable and relaxed.
2) Teething Gels: These gels have to be applied to the gums. This gives a numb feeling, which is not liked by many infants.
3) Acetamenophin; this drug can give temporary relief to the infant. It is a pain reducer.
4) Safe Object: It could be a clean washed cloth, which the baby likes to chew.

Teething an important process that is unavoidable. Make is safe and a little less painful for your loved one.

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