Teen Stress:

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Like adults, teenagers may also experience stress everyday and can benefit themselves from learning stress management skills. Most teens experience more stress when they perceive a situation as dangerous, difficult, or painful and they do not have the resources to cope such as they have failed in their examinations.

Some sources of teen stress:

Teen stress may include
School demands and frustrations which leads to stress.
Changes in their bodies.
Having negative thoughts and feelings about themselves.
Divorce of parents.
Problems with friends or their closed ones.
Unsafe living environment.
Changing schools since making new friends again is difficult.
Death of a loved one.
Family financial problems.
Moving to new community is very difficult.
Severe problems in the family.
Taking on too many activities makes it hard for them to manage.
Parents having high expectations.
When this stress is overloaded on teen they might get addicted to drugs/alcohol or can lead to anxiety, aggression or physical health. Some situations are as difficult or painful that changes occur in our minds and bodies to prepare us to respond to danger. In these conditions parents should help their children.

How can parents help teen to manage their stress?

First parents should monitor if stress is affecting their health, behavior, feelings or thoughts. Listen to teens carefully and learn the stress management skills and help them out. Involve your child in some activities like sports.

How can teens decrease their stress?

Involving in some particular activities like sports can reduce their stress. Some other ways are:
Learn some relaxation exercises.
Eat and exercise regularly.
Don't get used to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
Don't have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.
Try to develop assertiveness training skills like being polite to others.
Build a network of friends and have a close friend with who you can share your problems.
Try to be free with your parents because sometimes parents are your best friends.
Take a break from stressful situations by listening to music or drawing , going out with friends.

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