Symptoms Of Stress:

Basically stress has one cause that's our perceptions of and reactions to the situations that occur in our lives. Stress can be caused by something as simple as breaking a fingernail or by something as serious as losing a finger and sometimes the positive events in our lives can be as stressful as the negative ones. For example a birth of a child can be stressful both in positive and negative ways whether that child is a boy or a girl. Does that child has all of its fingers and toes or is it healthy and beautiful?

What are the symptoms of stress in our life?
When stress becomes overloaded here are some following symptoms:
Depression: this is the most common symptom and may lead to dangerous where you have to see psychotherapist for further evaluation. Some symptoms to monitor depression are insomnia, chronic tiredness, less active, excessive anger, loss of self esteem, etc.
Anxiety: it is the mind's natural response to an unknown, but is also an anticipated danger. When no effective response to the anticipated danger is possible, or known, anxiety itself becomes the danger since it leads to physical debilitation and psychological immobilization that is harmful to your own body and you.
Insomnia: stress can cause lack of sleep due to which it is unable to concentrate or focus on a particular thing. It is a symptom of both anxiety and depression.
Increased smoking and alcohol consumption: here ritual-like behavior each smoker employs in smoking acts as a temporary tension reducer and these rituals bind anxiety and can be useful in dealing with tension. But when the ritual is associated with behaviors having health-damaging side effects the potential health hazard overshadows any benefit. Consumption of alcohol abuse during periods of excessive stress demands proper vigilance and control.
Pain in the neck or back: The symptom of pain in either of these regions may be related to unconsciously tensing these muscles in a stressful situation and when the tension is overburdened they may become painful.

How to over come stress?
It is very essential to learn stress management techniques to help you control your stress. Eat and exercise regularly else do yoga regularly which is good for relaxation and proper sleep is important.

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