Stress Relief:

Stress is a fact of life. Million of people are trying to find out medicine or herb for stress. But controlling stress totally depends upon you. If you unable to mange stress you may cause harm to your own body, there might be a change in your attitude, you might even get addicted to drugs or alcohol. For that first monitor your stress:
It is very important to monitor your stress and find out a solution for it. Knowing the causes of stress can help you to cope up mentally and emotionally. So try to trace your stress. Some common stress include

Your daily work.
Family problems
Some unrealistic expectations
Financial problems.
Having negative attitude.
Health problems.
Unexpected traumatic events.

So to relief these stresses here are some solutions:

Eat and exercise regularly.
Attempt to make everything in your life stress-free.
There are many ways in your long run by taking long vacations.
Some powerful practices like yoga, meditation or tai chi are the best herb for being stress free.
Yoga is a wonderful practice for reducing stress. It gives complete relaxation to body as well as mind. It helps you to concentrate and focus on some particular things. It's the best relief for stress. Same with meditation.
Dancing can also help you to reduce your stress.
Take an appointment for massage which gives you better relaxation.
Bioenergitic classes.

Some daily stress reduction tips:

Walk, work and eat regularly.
Have a proper sleep everyday for minimum 6 hrs and maximum 8 hrs.
A short break should be taken after meals to relax.
Take breaks during your workdays for relaxation.
During you day you feel some tension just take a deep breath or count to ten.
Always be gentle to yourself and faith in your self.
Add something beautiful what you love in your daily basis.
Do some enjoyable activities whenever you have time.

Knowing all these solutions you can relief your stress which will help you to live a balanced life.

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