Stress Health:

Stress and health are closely linked to each other. It is well known that stress can induce risky body-mind disorders and immediate disorders such as dizzy spells, anxiety, tension, insomnia, nervousness, depression and muscle cramps can all result in chronic health problems. In the long run these disorders may also affect our immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

How does it affect our health?

When the stress is overburdened people tend to eat irregular and tend to sleep less which affects the health. In stress we may harm our self both physically and mentally. Recent research have also shown that stressful life events can hasten the progression of AIDS in HIV-positive patients and also shows that disease progression to AIDS was more rapid in the presence of severe life stressors, absence of social support systems, negative attitude, and elevated cortisol levels. Some other health effects are:
Asthma: a stressful situation can make the airways over-reactive and precipitate an attack in asthma patients which is too dangerous.
Migraines/ Backaches: It is now established that stress, cognitive appraisal, coping and migraine are reciprocally related and it is detrimental to the body and can cause back pains, neck pains and headaches which then becomes worst pain as the tension increases.
Ulcers and digestive disorders: In severe stress conditions blood supply to the stomach is restricted that hampers normal digestive functions. Also, the function of the entire intestine is controlled partly by the nervous system, which in turn is directly affected by stress and including one's diet during stress can offset gastrointestinal disorders such as an ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome. These symptoms become worst if somebody is already suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.
Cancer and Neuro-Degenerative Disorders: A research study showed stress induced reduction in T-Lymphocytes where white blood cells that destroy cancer cells in the human body are leading to an increase in metastasis. Even women suffering from breast cancer reestablished the fact that stressors cause lowest levels of natural-killer-cell activity in the body.
There are many other diseases that affect the health such as flu, pneumonia and common cold.
How to overcome these health affects?
By learning stress management you can keep your health good because stress affects your health badly which harms you physically and mentally.

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