Reduce Stress

Its time to relax….

Stress is called the "twentieth century disorder" for it is very common in the present times. It comes along with fame, success, money, technological advancement that everybody in this world aspires. In this fastpaced world, everything needs to be perfect and up to the mark. The result is stress. Stress is small amounts is beneficial as it increases the competence of an individual but if beyond a limit, it can be fatal. Stress is nothing but, how our body reacts to different challenging and taxing situations tat we face in life.

What are its symptoms?
Stress may result in headaches, allergies, insomia (lack of sleep), backache, fatigue and hypertension. Stress can occur due to past traumatic experiences.

How to reduce stress?
Stress prevails everywhere, in every field, every age group and every region. In today's world of cut-throat competition and sky high expectations, it is very important to manage stress, rather reduce it. Experts say that stress is how we react to difficult and challenging situations in life. It is basically how we adjust ourselves to changing situations and handle pressure and deadlines. Stress has physical as well as psychological symptoms, same way, reducing stress includes both managing its physical repercussions along with instilling a positive attitude towards life. While managing stress, the following aspects should be kept in mind:

1. Laughter:
Laughter is the best medicine to help a person recover from conditions of stress and depression. The stressed out individual needs to be taught how to take things lightly and move on. It is important for a stressed individual to never stay alone and express himself always.

2. Positive attitude:
In the process of stress reduction, "optimism" and "love for life" are the key words. All that a psychologist can do for a stressed individual, is to counsel him and throw light on all the pleasure some and beautiful surprises that life offers. The morale of a stressed out person is low and it needs to be raised with the help of the family members. What basically is required in life is the art of learning how to deal with situations however good or bad.

3. Physical aspect:
To be able to cope with stress, one needs to first analyze and understand how his body reacts to a challenging situation. Stress brings with it many physical consequences like back ache, insomia and fatigue. Medication needs to be taken in order to overcome all these consequences.
It is human tendency to evaluate everything mentally and that at times leads to a condition of stress. So to keep stress away, have a dose of laughter every time you feel low.

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