How to deal with stress?

Life in the fast lane, with pending workload, fulfilling wishes of the loved ones, acquiring your own dreams and so much more. All this leaves you tired and stressed out. But still life goes on and you have to cope up to it. So how do you beat stress before it beats you? Signs of stress need to be recognized before finding a remedy for the same and these indications take account of social, physical and mental expressions. Early exhaustion, loss of appetite, headaches, and sleeplessness over sleeping are all initial symptoms of strain. And the effort to escape it by inclining towards alcohol and drugs is the most sure shot sign of the anxiety.

Strategies to overcome stress

The best way to overcome your stress is to get into stress management program. Don't freak out-it is not an expensive school of study, which teaches stress busters, but is just a name given to the simple steps followed to avoid affect of stress on your life. It simply represents the capacity to be stable when situations or people make unwarranted demands. All you need to do when feeling stressed out is keep your cool and calm your nerves. This helps you think straight. Meditation and breathing exercises can help your nerves in being composed. Observe your surrounding carefully and point out stuff that you can change which will reduce your load. Most important is to set levelheaded goals, which you can cope with and prioritize your options. This means distinguishing between urgent matters and the less urgent ones. Try and take things at a time. Don't jump into it altogether, take one step at a time this will give you time to plan your next move. When stress starts affecting your thought process try and focus your attention on doing something for others. This will not only reduce attention on your anxiety but also make you feel better as you help someone. The best way to deal with stress is-Face it.


Not necessary that you will always be able to face stress upfront. So, just go along with it. Instead of trying to fight it make it our shield, i.e. use it in an industrious way. This will completely change your attitude towards stress and make you stronger enough for stress not to affect you anymore.

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