Depression and stress

There appears to be a complex relationship among depression and stress. For each of us, our mind and body reacts differently to stressful situations. Stress can develop not just due to certain tragic or traumatic incidents in ones life. It can also be caused by positive or happy occasions. It has been found that stressful situations such as these can lead to events that precede symptoms of depression.

The actual relationship between depression and stress still remains unknown. Stress as such is almost an everyday occurrence in people's life. However, there is no evidence that this has always led to depression. In fact there are people who go into depression even when little or no stress is involved. It thus becomes evident that different people react to stress differently.

For those who struggle with more chronic depression, stress may have more complicated effects. Causes of female and male depression and stress might be quite different from each other. It is not known for sure if stress affects men and women differently. Since they often operate in different social surroundings and situations, the tendency is to develop different emotional responses to stress situations.

There is evidence which points to a certain hormone CRF or cortico tropin factor in the brain which can aid people struggling with depression and stress. Studies and recent researches in this area have now appreciated the brains stress system to influence mental health thus opening a new realm of possibilities in treatment procedures. This has also led to an improved understanding of the various factors which may influence our stress system and its response.

Treatment through drug therapies and other alternate therapies have proven highly effective in the treatment of depression and stress. Continual medical follow-up may be necessary. Ongoing treatment and monitoring give the patient the best chance of recovery and doing well on an ongoing basis. Herbal medications, psycotic therapies, and other modern medical procedures developed through intensive studies and research have made depression a very curable condition.

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