Coping with stress

How to manage stress?

Stress -a twentieth century disorder:
When life takes a steep turn and everything seems to be going the wrong way, the bravest of men undergo a low phase called stress which has both physical and psychological consequences. Biologically speaking, it is a condition when our bodies lose hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in order that the body reacts quickly to the exigent situation. Stress may result in headaches, allergies, insomia (lack of sleep), backache, fatigue and hypertension. Stress can be inherited or can occur due to past traumatic experiences. Stress, in small amounts, can be good but too much of stress disorderly in life. In today's world of cut- throat competition, factors like relationship demands, professional demands, traumatic experiences, financial problems and environmental factors can cause stress in a person's life.

Managing stress:
Stress may have physical as well as psychological symptoms, same way, managing stress may include both managing its physical ailments along with instilling a positive attitude towards life. Different people may perceive stress in different ways. Some may just look at its psychological aspect while others may just look at its physical aspect. Bu actually it a combination of how the body reacts physically as well as psychologically to a challenging and taxing situation.
In the process of stress management, "optimism" and "love for life" are the key words. All that a psychologist can do for a stressed individual is to counsel him and throw light on all the pleasure some and beautiful surprises that life offers. The morale of a stressed out person is low and it needs to be raised with the help of the family members.
Stress is basically how a person reacts to a difficult situation in life. To be able to cope with stress, one needs to first analyze and understand how his body reacts to a challenging situation.
It is human tendency to evaluate everything mentally and that at times leads to a condition of stress. What basically is required in life is the art of learning how to deal with situations however good or bad. It is the attitude of the person that matters at the end of the day. So to keep stress away, have a dose of laughter every time you feel low.

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