Biggest causes of stress: What causes stress?

When life takes a steep turn and everything seems to be going the wrong way, the bravest of men undergo a low phase called stress which has both physical and psychological consequences. Biologically speaking, it is a condition when our bodies lose hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in order that the body reacts quickly to the exigent situation. Stress may result in headaches, allergies, insomia (lack of sleep), backache, fatigue and hypertension. Stress can be inherited or can occur due to past traumatic experiences. Stress, in small amounts, can be good but too much of stress disorderly in life. In today's world of cut- throat competition, factors like relationship demands, professional demands, traumatic experiences, financial problems and environmental factors can cause stress in a person's life. Out of all these factors, money matters are believed to be the highest contributors.

Financial problems and stress:
Sometimes it just makes one wonder: how important is money and why is it that everyone in the world is running after money? Well, money holds its importance for all that it can buy or, in a broader sense, for all that it can do. Banks, shares, debentures, investment, and profit and loss are words that may be what the lives of some people revolve around.
Psychologists have proved that money matters and financial problems are the leading causes of stress today. The situation of not having enough money to pay the bills and rents and to make investments can lead people to a condition of stress. Money holds a lot of importance in the world of today. The worries of meeting job deadlines, of losing the job induce stress. Sometimes, the situation is unfortunate enough when the family loses its bread winner and faces a situation of stress for the family members.

A man is left to tatters if he loses all the money he has. The importance of money is colossal, and misfortunes related to money losses can have catastrophic consequences. What matters at the end of the day is how an individual reacts to an unfortunate situation that life offers.

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