Sleep Walking:

Are you actually asleep?

It is seen in some people that they suffer from a disorder named sleepwalking and it is associated with by walking or other activity while seemingly still asleep. This disorder is mainly associated with a lot of problems like of complex behaviors that are initiated during slow wave sleep. This primarily occurs when there is a REM sleep that is rapid eye movement and especially when the person is sleeping. In this disorder it is seen that the sleeper is in a trance and this disorder is relatively harmless provided the walker is protected from harmful situations like upper story windows, bunk beds and stairs. There is s triggering of a chemical in the body during sleep that paralyzes it and those who sleepwalk do not have this chemical trigger, hence the behavior.

Facts about sleep walking:

It is seen in children that the cause is usually unknown but may also be related to fatigue, prior sleep loss, or anxiety for the adults. When the adults are affected then it is seen that a disorder of the mind but may also be seen with reactions to drugs or medications and alcohol, and medical conditions such as partial complex seizures. It is also related to an organic brain syndrome and it is seen that may include simply sitting up and appearing awake while actually asleep, getting up and walking around, or complex activities such as moving furniture, going to the bathroom, dressing and undressing, and similar activities.

Symptoms pf this problem:

Amnesia or ambulance is the main causes also there are a difficulty in arousing the patient during an episode. There are some other medical and psychiatric disorders can be present but do not account for the symptom. If the person undergoes an excessive fatigue anxiety and stress then the problem of sleepwalking can be much more pronounced. If a person is undergoing this problem then some cautions like locking windows and doors and making sure the child does not sleep near stairways and potentially dangerous objects should be followed so that there is no harm to the patient.

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