Sleep Talking:

Are you aware of it?

Sleep taking is like any other disorder related to sleep and it is connected to an abnormal behavior during the sleep of a person. Scientifically this disorder refers to any utterance made during sleep, from one word to entire sentences and the person is totally unaware of it. There are many studies conducted and people have seen that Children seem to be prone to it, especially if they sleepwalk also. There is a difference in the gravity of this kind of a problem as it varies from person to person as it is observed that some people carry out whole conversations, while others just moan and make other sounds. The fact becomes serious and it is a matter of worry if the person starts bothering the family and disrupting sleep for others, there are some things you can keep in mind as a caution.

Associated symptoms:

It is seen that there is a speech or utterances during sleep constantly and the person is in a deep sleep while doing so. When the electrodes are placed for the EEG test then it is seen that the person shows episodes of sleep talking that can occur in any stage of sleep. It is a proven fact these days that this problem is associated with psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders. However one cause cannot be claimed to be the root as there can be other problems like medical disorders such as febrile illness.

How to get cautioned?

One should be aware of the problems like and make sure the sleep talker gets plenty of sleep every night, someone who is sleep deprived is more likely to sleep talk. It should be seen that there should be a reduction in the stress and anxiety levels as soon as possible so that the person is relieved. One should have a regular schedule of going to bed and getting up at the same time. it is necessary that the person should have a strict control on the timing of diet as it can really help in curbing the problem.

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