Sleep Disorders:

What is disturbing your sleep?

This is a question that has bothered most of us who are suffering from this disorder as they disrupt the life of the people who are normal and healthy. It is very difficult for the scientists and doctors to fathom the meaning of this complicated, necessary, physiological phenomenon. There are many people all over the world who are victims of these problems. There are a number of sleep disorders and they are distinguished on the basis of symptoms and then the exact disorder is detected. There is a variation in the amount of sleep of children adults and teen age group members as the amount of sleep varies. When the disorders are considered then the people over the age of 65 years are prone to have this kind of a problem.
Effects on health:
If a person suffers from a sleep disorder then it is very obvious that he has a problem in general health and routine. In due course studies and research has shown us that that sleep is essential for normal immune system function and to maintain the ability to fight disease and sickness. People have to take rest in the form of sleep, as it is absolutely essential for normal nervous system function and the ability to function both physically and mentally and for learning and for normal, healthy cell growth. There are a number of sleep disorders that cause severe problems in sleep and people have some neurological disturbances that are basically responsible for these disorders.

Causes of these disorders:

There is an internal system in the body that has signals in the brain that controls normal physical and mental function during the course of a 24-hour day (called the biological clock). If that biological clock is disturbed than People who work at night often have an increased risk for heart and digestive problems, as well as emotional and mental problems. If the person is blind then darkness may cause disruptions in the biological clock, which can result in sleep disorders. Difficulty sleeping can result from chemical changes in the body caused by disease or by the medications used to cure the sleep problem.

Sleep and Dreams:
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Sleep Problems:
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Sleep Walking:
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