Sleep and Dreams:

Is it sound or disturbing?

A sound sleep is an essential requisite that can make the day fresh and wonderful as the day has a new start. But the problem arises when the dreams at night are disturbing and they bother the person and entire routine is disturbed. It is not always so that a dream is the one that bothers but there are many good dreams also. Most of the psychologists say that dreams are the reflections of our thoughts and they are a part of every person's sleep. Dreams mainly detected by rapid eye movement and there are various cycles of the REM sleep. It is not necessary that dreams can occur in the sleep at night as it is seen that it can occur while a short nap also. Remembering dreams and recalling them can be a problem for some people as they are not able to remember as to what they have seen.


Unpleasant dreams are termed as nightmares as people who have a lot of stress and worries and they have unpleasant thoughts in their minds constantly in their mind have this problem. Most of the people experience similar dreams but the content may change while the theme remains the same, such as scenes of falling, or of being pursued or attacked, of being late or unprepared for class, a presentation or an exam. There are many psychologists who claim in their theories that this type of experience is associated with lack of progress by the dreamer to recognize and solve related conflicts in life.

What do the dreams mean to us?

Dreams are the ones that can cause various problems and are often considered as meaningless but there are dreams newsgroups those feel that their dreams are personally meaningful, and enjoy exploring them. As a matter of fact it is seen that many people throughout recorded history have felt that dreams are meaningful, and that many dreams have had an important impact upon cultures around the globe. However dreams are an important factor as they dreams are said to give us significant clues about our own issues, personality, and behavior.

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