Infant sleep

Each baby has a varied temperament, and all families have different lifestyles. Thus it is up to the parents to adjust according to the needs of their family and at the same time not compromise on the sleep of their infant. Below are some facts about infant sleep that will assist you in helping your infant sleep better.
Some Facts about infant sleep -

A Baby enters sleep through a light sleep cycle which lasts for about twenty minutes. Also a baby has a shorter and lighter sleep cycle as compared to adults. Although it can vary, babies awaken two or three times a night from birth to six months, once or twice from six months to one year and may awaken once a night from one to two years. The sleep habits of babies are more determined by individual temperaments than the ability of the parent to get baby to sleep. For an infant, the definition of "sleeping through the night" is generally a five hour stretch. It is not possible to force sleep upon a baby. And the last fact which one must already know if one has or had a baby is that babies need help to go to sleep.

Helping your baby sleep better -

One should hold and soothe baby frequently during the day also. Many babies seem to respond well to being held close in a sling or in a baby carrier. Also, consider day-time routines and sleep patterns. Late naps interfere with continuous and deep sleep during nighttime, so have a consistent bedtime, especially for older babies. Always try and keep a relaxing, nurturing routine leading up to bedtime, for instance a soothing bath or massage, singing, or reading a book. This helps to prepare the baby for sleep. If you indulge in active play with the baby, it will keep the baby awake. Keep a watch for signs that your baby has entered deep sleep such as limp, dangling limbs or a motionless face, before moving him. Then you can ascertain your baby will not wake up during a move to cradle or bed.

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