Dog Skin Disorder: He's the one who protects your home. Keep him healthy and safe

Dog-Skin disorders are one of the most difficult things to deal with. They are mostly related to the immune system. The indications for a skin disorder are ringworms, hair loss, and itchy scalp or dry dog skin. Allergens include pollens, dust, flies, trees, and weeds. There are many helpful products that help to reduce and cure the dog skin disorder.

Types of Dog Skin Disorder:

1) Ringworm: This skin allergy is caused by fungus. This fungus is present in the outer skin, paws and hair shaft. This damages the actual hair by invading the hair follicles. This causes hair loss. Coming in contact with other infected animals usually causes this fungus.
2) Bacterial Dermatitis: Bacteria cause this, which infects the skin. This is called Pyoderma.There are three types Surface Pyoderma: This is also called hot spots. The area of the skin becomes inflamed and usually discharges a bad ordour. It is very painful.
3) Scabies: This is highly contagious from one pet to the other. The mite makes deep holes like tunnel in the dog's skin. This causes a lot of pain and pus in the infected area.
4) Seborrhea: This skin disease is due to the increased activity of the cells and glands. The dogs have an itchy skin. The skin tends to become either greasy or dry. This disorder may be hereditary or due to some hormonal problem.
5) Lumps and Tumor: This is one more skin disorder among many dogs. Tumors are common in older dogs. This appears on the skin as a small reddish nodule. Lumps are caused in younger dogs.

Signs of Skin Disorder:

1) Hair Loss: This is also called Alopecia: This can occur in one place or in multiple places. This could be a result of hereditary factors, hormonal changes or insect bites and other allergens.
2) Itching: This is a major sign. For all the allergies like food, parasitic diseases, and other infections. Itching is the first sign of a skin disorder.
3) Dandruff or Scaling: Due to various allergens like pollen, mites, dogs have the scaling problem. Some have it naturally or in some it is infection.
4) Pigment Changes: The color of the skin changes as soon as there is a skin infection. Chronis skin disorder can cause hyper pigmentation.
5) Soars or Pustules: In intense skin disorder the skin has pustules through which pus come out .The depth and location can help us know the cause of the pustules.

It is very important to take good care of your dog. Skin, which is healthy, is reflected in the dog's happy behavior. A shiny and healthy skin can be got by carefully treating the dog. Take care of his eating habits and also the place where he is kept should be neat and clean.

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