Oily Scalp Skin Remedy

Scalp or the skin beneath your hair has sebaceous glands that secrete fatty "oil" or sebum in oily hair. Straight hair looks oilier that curly or wiry hair but this is only perception and not the real truth. Oily hair is due to the levels of over activity of these glands. The trouble you take to make your hair look great just does not seem enough because the joy of seeing oily hair in good shape is short lived. Each day, people with oily hair find it difficult to maintain their hair in shape from morning till night.
What causes oily scalp skin problems?
Intense heat and humidity levels are known to be the more likely causes of oily scalp leading to oily hair problems. Hormones can play a role in activating the sebaceous glands leading to bad hair days due to oily hair. Other factors like pollution, dust and food habits can also cause oily hair.
Oily scalp skin remedies
Shampooing the hair more often is a good way of taking care of oily hair. If you are in the midst of heat and humidity and living in a city, then shampooing once a day is recommended. Massaging the scalp properly to while shampooing helps deal with oily hair. Use a shampoo that gives out lots of bubbles. Avoid the use of a conditioner and other unnecessary chemicals on oily hair. Use conditioners only on the ends of your hair if you feel you must use a conditioner on your hair.
Simple ways to keep oily hair looking great
Do not over brush your hair. Your beauty expert or hair stylist can help by cutting your hair that can look good. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water can help you in looking after oily hair. Learning to relax and not to be too stressed out helps control oiliness in your scalp. Also using easy to find lemons and vinegar, which can help in reducing scalp oiliness, are recommended before you begin to experiment with chemicals and chemical based products for your hair.
Consult your hairstylist for oily scalp skin remedies
Your hair stylist can do just more than cut your hair according to the latest fashion trends. A good stylist can recommend good and high quality products that will be of great help in controlling oily hair and also keeping it in shape. Good looking hair can add volumes to the cheerfulness of your face and a good hair stylist can always be of help to you.

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