Makeup for Oily Skin: Makeup for an Oil Free Complexion.

Oily skin can be made out by the shine and oily look on the face and the enlarged pores. This is due to the high level of serum secretion. The skin tends to look greasy and there is a tendency for pimples. Oily skin tends to attract more dust and dirt. Hereditary and hormonal are two main factors for oily skin. Other factors like climate, eating habits also are responsible for oily skin. A lot of remedies are there to avoid oily skin. Homemade face packs, oil free soaps, and other products are available in the market to take care of this problem.

Some Tips:

Makeup for Oily skin has to be very specific. You need to choose products which are oil freed the products have to be water based and not oil based. This will give a perfect look to your skin for any party or function.

1) To start with: you have to use a moisturizer which is free from oil this will give you a shine free complexion. Use an antiseptic day cream before you apply makeup to oily skin. This helps to keep the secretion under control. The main aim to have a matte effect to the face.
2) Foundation: Foundation is one of the main parts of makeup. It is the base and has to be chosen as per your skin. Special oil free foundations. It has to match with the shade of your skin and also give you a good coverage and a nice matte effect.
3) Conceler: A conceler is used to hide blemishes on the face. Apply on the areas, which need to be covered. These aids in minimizing the amount of foundation you need to apply. Choose the right concealer especially for oily skin.
4) Powder: You need to use an oil absorbing powder for oily skin. Oil absorbing powder is used after you apply the foundation. This powder equalizes the foundation and gives a matte effect.
5) Eye Shadows and cheek Color: For the eyes you have to go in for waterproof mascara. Choose colors that are matte and are natural in color. Avoid shimmering colors. For the cheeks also use soft and natural colors.
6) Lipstick: As for lipstick you can add a touch of shimmer but do not make it too glossy.

And finally:

An oily skin will require touch ups throughout the day. This can be done with a pressed powder; this helps to control the shine on the face. There are many companies today in the market, which offer you superior products for oily skin. So there is no need to worry. You can have an oil free face with the right makeup.

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