How to stop oily skin:

Get Rid Of That Oily Problem

Skin is divided into three categories depending on its structure. Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination Skin. Hereditary and hormonal factors are responsible for oily skin. Even climatic changes cause oily skin. If you notice your skin tends to become oilier in summers and dries up in winters. There are many ways in which you can avoid oily skin. So take expert advice to keep an oil free skin.

Different Methods to stop Oily Skin:

1) Use Mud Packs: Mud Packs is one of the best options you have for oily skin. The dark brown clay is the best. It absorbs more oil from the skin. This will make your skin make and feel good.
2) Splash Warm Water: Experts have found out that splashing warm water helps to get rid of oil from the face. Lot of soap should be put and then washed off with hot water. The reason is that hot water dissolves the grit and grime you want to get rid off.
3) Use drying soaps: Drying soaps are available in the market. They help to a great extent for oily skin. Finding such soaps is not a problem. You need to read the instructions on the soap before using it. You can also use degreasing soaps.
4) Apply Astringents: The use of astringents will help oily skin. They help in closing the pores on the skin. These pores are more prominent in oily skin. Instead of cleaning the face with soap you can use astringent pads. This will assure you an oil free face.
5) Use Powder: The use of powder for your face can solve the problem temporarily.
6) Oil free Soap: Wash your face as much as you can during the day. Use a mild oil free soap to do so. You can use a cleanser also.
7) Use Oil free Makeup: When you have oily skin it is very important to choose the right makeup. Your makeup should have oil absorbers that give you a good look. You can go in for oil free toners, which will smoothen and tighten your pores.
8) Milk of Magnesia: Some people face this problem mainly in the Tzone. Applying milk of magnesia to the oily parts and then apply your foundation. This will give your face a matte effect.
9) Eat Right: Eating the right food that is intake of raw fruits and green vegetables is very important. They are beneficial for blemished prone skin. Avoid dairy products.

Thus we saw the remedies for oily skin. Take care it can cause cane also. You have a wide choice. According to your convenience you can choose the method you want to solve the oily problem.

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