Toe cramps

There are many probable reasons for this, one of them being restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome, mainly at night, is not uncommon. The legs will tickle or go into spasm. Moving them brings only brief relief. Seconds or minutes later, the tempting urge to move returns back. It can be so maddening that it hinders sleep and causes frequent waking. The restlessness is linked with twitching leg muscles, though this is not always obvious.

Cause of toe cramps

The precise cause of restless legs is not clear, although the nervous and circulatory systems are involved. It is connected to spasms in the arteries and in the muscles. It is often linked with hypersensitive, tense nerves. Stress and substances like coffee or colas can annoy the nervous system. Withdrawal from medications causes tension and nervous anxiety which will make worse restless legs. This state is more common during pregnancy and in those who smoke because of their restricting effect on circulation. The birth control pill also adds up to circulatory problems. Restless leg syndrome is connected to poor absorption of folic acid as a result of malabsorption syndrome. Many with this state have either poor or no ability to absorb folic acid from the foods they eat.


Restless leg syndrome can be an indication of a masked food allergy. A food allergy is the body's reply, through the immune system, to a food which it reacts to as foreign or toxic. The more common masked or delayed allergies are to wheat, corn, milk and other common foods. The food allergens are so methodically enmeshed in the diet that the chances of avoiding them and accidentally discovering the cause of the symptoms are remote. Just like with leg cramps, a number of conditions can reason night-time cramping of the toes: structural disorders, dystonias, myalgias, restless leg syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and peripheral vascular disease. Treatment should be tailored specially to the problem if it can be elucidated. If this isn't possible, however, and serious correctable pathology has been ruled out, then options take in quinine sulphate, tricyclic antidepressants and neurontin. None are unsurprisingly beneficial but they're worth assessing on a trial basis.

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