Hand cramps

The exercise was posted in records by someone who had had problems with her little finger for years, and then at university or college was given that exercise and the little finger problem disappeared. It's hard to describe the exercise. You put a finger on your other hand then you push down and release the first joint. You will find if you watch your bare arm, that you'll see movement all down the inside of your forearm. I was able to do the movement right off the bat with my first finger, the middle was a bit iffier, and the ring finger couldn't do it without some help. I helped first of all by doing the exercise with the easier fingers so I would have a feel for it, and giving a gentle push from my other hand until the finger was strong enough to do it on its own. Sometimes I would give the joint a push, but let the finger do the action for raising it. My little finger still needs some help.


There is another exercise so as to corresponds a bit to the lifting the fingers off the table for the right hand, a la violin master class which I found in Fischer's Basics. In this you raise and lower your fingers other than keep the thumb calm, which I check by cradling the fleshy part of the thumb in my right hand so that I can feel it remaining soft and inactive. In both the right and left hand exercises, I would notice again so as to I would be feeling it around the inside of my forearm, whereas before I had a tendency to tense the whole hand which would go straight up to my shoulders. On my own, I'm playing by means of having my thumbs go through their individual motions without involving other parts of the hand.


The whole point is that when we begin as adults, we have circumvented the natural slow growth that happens with child students as they grow up. We already have our habits. I have a well founded suspicion that there is such a thing as strong fingers, and if those strong fingers are lacking, or if our bodies can't differentiate and use body parts at will together and separately, then we'll end up using everything together in one solid block in a tense mass. I also find that as my fingers gain strength, I can use them with less tension and unnecessary force.

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Muscle Cramps
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