Cramps after sex

One should speak with the practitioner about what sexual positions are safest as your pregnancy progresses. For instance, after the fourth or fifth month, a pregnant woman shouldn't lie flat on her back during sex, because it could put too much pressure on major blood vessels that supply the fetus and may cause lightheadedness or nausea for the mother. There is no difficulty with the woman being on top of her partner, however, or on her side. During dissimilar points in your pregnancy, you may find that some positions are more enjoyable than others are. Tune in to your body, and only do what feels at ease. Here are a number of positions that may feel more comfortable:

1. Both lying slanting. Known as "spooning" when you together face the same way in bed, this position takes the weight off you and leaves your partner free to maneuver without your belly between you. You can also countenance each other lying sideways as well.
2. Partner at the back you. This position not only foliage your partner free to maneuver, but it takes the weight and pressure off you as well.

Common concerns about sex during pregnancy

Other issues as well the safety of the baby may keep a couple from having sex. Some parents worry about worrying or scaring their unborn child, as if the developing baby is paying rapt attention during moments of intimacy. In realism, the baby isn't thinking about much and is safely insulated, so don't worry, as he won't be alarmed by your lovemaking. An expectant mother may terror that her swelling belly makes her less attractive, or she may not want her husband to touch her tender breasts. Pregnancies hormones make a number of women lose interest in sex, while others may find that their sex drive increases. At dissimilar points in your pregnancy, extreme fatigue, nausea, and other discomforts may make the very thought of sex unappealing.


Concerns like these are frequent. Pregnancy is a stirring, frightening time that triggers a range of emotions, positive and negative and full of emotions that are exacerbated by raging hormones. It is a time of fundamental transform in the life you and your partner have known together. Of course, it is also a joyous time, but even positive changes can put force on a relationship. Most couples are of the same opinion that having a child challenges their relationship in ways it has never been challenged before. Many women find they have cramps after sex, chiefly after an intense orgasm. This is owing to hormones in semen and contractions of pelvic muscles. Similarly, because the cervix is distended and well-supplied with blood in pregnancy, you may see a spot or two of blood after having sex.

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