Cramp relief

The first thing we generally think when the cramps start is "DRUGS!" Painkillers are the most familiar way to take the edge off cramps. Drugs in particular for your period, like Pamprin and Midol are a combination of pain relievers like those above and other ingredients which they advertise will help relieve bloating, irritability, tiredness, etc. I do not take these drugs since I want to know exactly what is going into my body, and maybe I want to be tired and irritable, but then I am picky about things like that. Some women love these mixture drugs. It is up to you to experiment waiting you find the brand that works best for you.

Other cures for the cramps

Since this income you could be taking these pills at least once a month for a long time, be smart about the way you take them. Don't take more than you need, for example, and always take these drugs with milk or with food in your stomach. The most excellent way is to take painkillers is to do what is called "pre- medicating". If you be acquainted with when your period is coming, start taking your medicine the day before your period. One way or another block the pain messages before they ever make it to your brain. Also, always take amazing as soon as you feel the first tiny twinge of cramping. If you wait waiting you are actually in the middle of a bout of cramping, it will be too late for the medicine to do much good, no matter how many pills you take. This way you take a smaller amount medicine and get more out of it.


Cramp Relief is a mix together of antispasmodic herbs used by the Native Americans to help with cramping. Many of the herbs also support a variety of body systems to help in the management of menstrual discomfort. Cramp Relief contains more than a few herbs that are antispasmodic and support various body systems to help in the management of menstrual discomfort. Wild yam ropes the female reproductive system. While black cohosh acts like estrogen and can assist lift mild mood changes the so-called dark moods that often accompany female discomfort. Plantain helps ease fluid build-up in the pelvic region that is sometimes associated with menstrual cramps.

Bad cramps
A cramp is an unpleasant sensation caused by contraction, generally of a muscle. It can be caused by cold or overexertion. Illness or poisoning can also lead to cramps, particularly in the stomach, which is referred to as colic if it fits particular...

Calf cramps
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Cramps discography
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Muscle Cramps
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