Mio heart rate monitor:

The Mio Heart Rate Monitor is the newest addition to the Mio family. It allows you to monitor your heart rate continuously with a compatible chest strap or on-demand with strapless quick-touch sensors. It provides target zone feedback with 100 hour high / low / in-zone timer and audible target alarm. The Mio Heart Rate Monitor works with chest straps included in home fitness equipment allowing you to get completely customized feedback such as calories burned and percent of maximum heart rate on your wrist on or off your machine. This is designed for cyclists and triathletes. Current chest strap users can upgrade to Mio to continue getting continuous feedback and can now also enjoy the undeniable benefits of strapless monitoring.

Keeping track on heart

It is important to monitor your heart rate for many reasons especially if you are ill over weight or about to start exercising for the 1st time. Here are some of the main parameters that you should understand. Maximum heart rate is the highest number of heart beats per minute achieved in an all-out effort. This number is individual based on age, heredity and fitness level. It can be estimated from your age, for adults it equals to 220 - age. If you are over the age of 40, overweight, have been sedentary for several years, or have a history of heart diseases in your family, clinical testing is recommended. A Heart Rate Monitor allows you to check the palpitations of your heart correctly. This is the best method of keeping a thorough check over the heart rate of a person.

Important role
Mio Heart Rate Monitor plays an important role in maintaining your fitness regime. Mio Heart Rate Monitors can also analyze that data with special software. Heart Rate Monitor can also be used for checking the exercise intensity. This type of usage of a Heart Rate Monitor is based on the sound physiological principals. Many of the new models of these monitors are so compact that they can be easily stored. These Heart Rate Monitors come with an easy to carry bag having specialized chords in them. While buying Heart Rate Monitors, one should keep in mind that the monitor should be a quality product and measures the exact heart rate. After all you are spending a lot on Heart Rate Monitor, so Mio heart rate monitor is the good option to get correct heart rate.

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