Organic Heart Disease

What is Organic heart disease.
OHD as it is referred as, Organic heart disease a condition wherein the heart doesn't function as it should because of any deformity or inflammation.This deformation can either be cardio or vascular in nature.Our heart consists of muscles, valves, arteries and veins which combine to pump in and out about 60-100 times per minute .The heart continues to be an efficient performer until lifestyles, habits, stress, compel it to behave abnormally. Organic heart disease is also mentioned in medical circles as cardiovascular heart disease.

In organic heart disease, there can be an inflammation of the heart and scar like formation .These scars can cause deformation of valves and thereby malfunction. The muscular tissue of the heart may become softened or stretched. All these conditions are called organic diseases of the heart. Enlargement of the heart is also a kind of organic heart disease. And can consist of stretched muscles of the heart. or hypertrophy. There are several ways heart disease may develop, through a sudden inflammation, or to some other form of infection; but generally the development is gradually. Early indications of an organic heart disease are shortness of breath, which however may be diagnosed as lung problem. Another sign of heart disease is in the change in the sounds of the heart, this, however, only an expert can detect.A sudden sharp pain in the heart is also a signal .The heart is the most active component of the human body and hence is the first to feel the load of the results of a wrong or stressed living style or a disease.Difficulty in breathing ,fatigue,dizziness,depression, pain or swelling in legs or calves,memory problems,inadequate sleep,fluttering or murmur of the chest a swollen abdomen are early signs of an impeding organic heart disease and should be attended to immediately to arrest the progress.

Care and Cure

Quit smoking both actively or passively as smoke is en enemy of the heart.

Eat healthy foods, fibrous foods and fruits. Do not over eat and maintain discipline of timely intake.

Exercise and physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Regular check ups for a watch on developments.

Then there are surgical treatments such as angioplasty, bypass surgery, valve replacement, pacemaker installation or a transplant, for the severe cases.

Precautions on diet

A careful and judicious choice of food will go a long way in preventive cure. Salt should be avoided or reduced, especially in case of overweight people. Moderate alcohol consumption is considered good for preventing heart disorders. Avoid red meat, fish is a good alternative. Eat lots of fruits and go easy on sweets and desserts.

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