Alcohol heart disease:

Protect Your Heart

United States alone sees 100,000 excess deaths due to alcohol-related diseases every year. In UK it is one of the commonest causes of Hospital admissions. Same pattern of mortality and morbidity can be seen across the globe. Thus is major concern for all.

Relationship between Alcohol and Heart

There have been observational studies that showed small amounts of alcohol could help to protect the heart against coronary heart disease. This studies carried across the world specifically in middle age group have shown that a J-shaped relationship exists between alcohol consumption and mortality. People who consume one to two drinks per day show lowest mortality. Teetotalers show slightly higher mortality compare to people who consume one or two drinks per day. People who consume three or more drinks per day show highest mortality. However, it is not to say that nondrinkers should start consuming alcohol. As drinking can lead to other health problems such as obesity, cancer, raise blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. Excessive drinking is known to have a direct effect on the heart. It can cause abnormal heart rhythms. Regular heavy drinking may lead to enlargement of the heart known as cardiomyopathy. The condition leads breathlessness on exertion. It can lead to death also. Alcohol contains calories but no nutritional value.

Several studies have suggested that alcohol may cause the blood to clot less. Alcohol enhances the ability of the blood to break up clots. These studies are supported by epidemiological data that suggest that acute alcohol consumption causes a short-term beneficial effect in protection against Heart disease but can severely affect Health in long-term .

How does Alcohol help to protect Heart?

The protective effect of alcohol is due to increased levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). HDL removes cholesterol from inner walls of artery.

Does Alcohol Consumption is necessary to Protect Heart?

It is not advisable that people start drinking specifically to protect the heart. There are better options such as
1) Exercise
2) Eating Healthy Diet
3) Stop Smoking
As drinking can lead to health problems such as obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, homicides, suicides, Liver disease and Pancreatitis.

Women and Alcohol

Pregnant women should not consume alcohol. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the known preventable cause of mental impairment in children. The brain damage that occurs can result in problems in learning, memory and attention.

Following recommendations for regular drinkers:
1) Consult Your Physician.
2) Enroll yourself in De-addiction Center.

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