Hearing-impaired devices

With the entrance of the new era there have come new technologies for the hearing impaired persons. These may be the alarm clocks, amplifiers, etc. More than 20 million people in the United States alone have some degree of hearing loss. A complete line of assertive communication products is provided from Ameriphone. From amplified telephones to the Alert master and Call Alert notification systems to the Dialogue TTYs/TDDs, we offer many alternatives to make communication easier for people with hearing loss or those with unique communication needs.


The products like wake assure alarm clock. It features a loud buzzer, flashing lamp and strong bed shaker to wake up even the deepest sleeper. The super bright 2" display makes it easy to read the time - day or night. Loud buzzer with adjustable volume and tone control to suit your hearing. Strong bed shaker wakens even the deepest sleeper without disturbing others. It enables to make a connected lamp flash to awaken you. It has an Auto Snooze feature to suit your lifestyle. Alert master is designed for people with profound hearing loss. Alert master notifies user when a telephone is ringing or the doorbell has rung by flashes on a lamp. Different flash patterns are used to decipher between the telephone and the doorbell. It includes wireless doorbell, which requires no wiring. Dialogue VCO is designed for people with profound hearing loss/deafness that still want to use their voice. Dialogue VCO is the Read & Talk phone, just speak into the handset and read responses on the display screen. It has programmable relay service speed dial button. It also has programmable emergency button transmits user's name, address and phone number in text for quick response by emergency services. It provides with programmable pre-set text message for quick VCO calling, which requires no typing. Handset is built up of compatible hearing aid T-coil. Also provides with answering machine for text messages, which also works with your voice answering machine. It has an adjustable super loud ringer and bright visual ring flasher. It is easy-to-see oversized keypad buttons. It has a great battery back up.


Thus, there are a great range of products for the hearing impaired patients which can be used not only by the hearing impaired persons but also the other members of the family.

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