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Hearing Aids Online offers you the same hearing aid available at from your local clinic at a substantially reduced price. In addition, we include full professional services at one of our affiliated clinics. All hearing aids carry a full manufacturer's warranty of up to two years. Additional warranties are available. Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids fit comfortably behind-the-ear and are attached to a soft custom earmold.

Online sale of the hearing aids

With BTE hearing aids, the electronics are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sound is directed from the hearing aid, through the tubing, and through the earmold to the eardrum. These hearing aids can be modified with connections to external sound sources such as auditory training equipment, infrared listening systems or television. BTE hearing aids can provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifier and the larger battery. This style is available in the programmable, digital, and conventional circuits, and in several colors for hair and skin tone matching. Programmable hearing aids are a step up in technology from conventional hearing aids. These instruments have an analog circuit that can be adjusted (programmed) by your hearing healthcare professional on a computer. This allows for greater flexibility and fine-tuning of the hearing aids to the patient's needs. They also feature automatic volume control. Digital hearing aids boast today's most advanced technology. Digital hearing aids are programmable hearing instruments with digital circuits. These digital circuits are more flexible than analog circuits. They can be precisely programmed to match the patient's individual hearing loss, sometimes at each specific frequency/pitch. Digital circuits offer improved clarity of sound, less circuit noise, faster processing of sound, and improved listening in noise when compared to analog circuits. Digital hearing aids are easy to use because they adjust volume automatically.

More of the online sale of hearing aids
The sale of hearing aids over the Internet is a fairly recent phenomenon while the purported reason for its growth are the shoppers seeking lower prices. Online purchasing represents the latest way for bargain hunters to get door-to-door delivery of new instruments without the expense of an office visit to a medical or hearing healthcare professional. Given the vast reach of the Internet, it is not surprising that sales are growing rapidly. Whereas in 1997, "distance" purchasing had less than 1 percent of the market share, guesstimates based on 2002 consumer polling are that approximately 185,000 hearing aid shoppers in the U.S. are currently interested in purchasing a hearing aid over the Internet.

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