Cordless phone for the hearing impaired

We are always able to talk to the people who are not in reach to us. But just think about the people who are not able to hear anything whatever we speak. But the new technology is a boon to these people. Now they too can understand whatever we say to them without repeating our words. The new technology has brought forward cordless phones for the hearing impaired.


These special phones also provide varieties for the special people. They can be listed as below:

1) Small Business Telephone Systems: These are offered by the companies like Panasonic, Brother and IBM. It provides Audio Conferencing from Polycom Sound Station, as well as Polycom and Panasonic Video Conferencing Solutions. Plantronics Headsets for use with Desktop Phones, Cordless Phones and Cellular Telephones. It also offers Emergency Equipment, Hot Line, Payphones, as well as products.
2) Desk Telephones and Cordless Telephones: These are offered by the companies like Panasonic, Uniden, AT&T, VTech, Siemens, Brother, and the EnGenius Cordless Long Range Phone, as well as Desktop, Novelty and Decorator Units. It also provides a selection of caller ID units and Answering Machines.
3) Emergency and Hot Phones: Viking no dial & Emergency Hot Phones for Help Desks, Kiosks, or Elevator Emergency Panels. It also offers Viking Emergency 2 Line Programmable Auto dialer and Coin Operated Payphones.
4) Special Needs Telephones: Hearing Impaired Telephone products from Walker Equipment and Ameriphone. Products also include Cordless telephones for the hearing impaired, big button, amplified speaker phones, voice carry over, and even Picture Phones. It also has complete line of Amplifiers, Signaling Units, TTY Machines and Closed Caption Decoders.

More products and the features available

This Ameriphone CL-40 cordless phone is ideal for the hearing impaired. Its powerful amplifier increases incoming sounds up to 43 dB for extra loud and clear conversations. It has following features. It offers with an adjustable tone control lets you customize the amplifier for optimum word clarity so you can understand similar sounding words. Has an audio jack for connection to a headset or cochlea implant. Offers 900 MHz technology for extended operating range and static-free transmissions. Automatically scans all available channels and selects the clearest one for your call. Advanced noise reduction technology filters out background noise and static for superior sound clarity. Also it offers three-hour talk time between battery charges. Base-to-handset paging allows you to quickly locate the handset. Large and lighted keypad makes dialing easy. Have programmable 10 speed-dial memories. Handset is hearing aid T-coil compatible. Digital security system prevents eavesdropping from other cordless phones. Has an extra loud ringer. Desk or wall mounting. Have Flash, Redial and more.

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