Headache pillow

The headache pillows are filled with outstanding quality wild ginger fruits, seeds and lemon pepper. Both fragrances unite to a very pleasant scent, which only you will notice, and only when your light pressure on the pillow gently crushes the herbs. Headache ice pillow helps stop headaches obviously, but you don't need a headache to enjoy this cozy neck pillow. It's also great for travel, sleeping, and reading. It uses time-honored and medically suggested cold therapy treatment for migraine and tension headaches. It also helps to come over pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injury, or other traumas. Headache Ice Pillow that uses cold therapy treatment to help relieve migraine and tension headaches. This simple and natural method is an alternative to medication and drugs.

Design of a pillow

Designed by a headache specialist, the pillow uses a compact design to help provide support to a resident's neck while sleeping or resting. An anatomically designed, soft-frozen gel pack inserts into the pillow for added relief. The Ice Pillow can also provide relief from pinched nerves, stiffness or sprains. The removable gel pack stores in the freezer until needed. Featured in Core Products' new, full-color catalog, the Ice Pillow's optional massage unit provides gentle massaging action for added relief. People get headaches for all different reasons. Stress, illness, dehydration, or a pinched nerve can cause your basic everday headaches. Minor headaches like these will usually go away on there own, or can be relieved by taking over-the-counter medications or by getting some rest. More serious headaches are usually called migraine headaches.

Other descriptions

Migraine headache patients usually describe an intense pain that exists on one side of their head, often felt directly behind the eye socket. These kinds of headaches are incredibly painful to the point of even incapacitating a person or causing nausea and vomiting. While some causes of migraine headaches are unknown, sometime they are attributed to more serious illness or psychotic disorders. You can treat migraine headaches through medication or therapy. Individuals for whom drugs do not work will often consider alternative means to cure their headaches. Certain herbal remedies have been known to help painful headaches and to ease a person into a relaxed state. Acupuncture and other eastern medicines have also been known to benefit various body pains such as headaches. If you suffer from long-lasting, intense headaches, consult a health professional in order to find the right cure.

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