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Headache is roughly never located in the brain. There is in fact not much ability at all to sense pain in the mass of the brain - surgeons do for instance not use anesthetics on the brain when they perform brain surgery. Headache is almost forever located in the muscles of the head - caused by tension built up during long time in these muscles. One can carry out a simple self-test by pressing with your fingers on certain locations on the head. The two most familiar physical locations of headache are located at the places where the jaw-muscles are attached, right behind the jaw below the ears and at the temples. One should not feel any pain while applying pressure on these two spots and are completely relaxed. It will even though hurt quite a lot I presume, especially at the spot behind the jaw - this is a condition that people in common unfortunately enough has gotten used to as something completely natural. In many martial arts disciplines there actually are grips that takes advantage of these spots in order to neutralize or even paralyze adversaries.

Cures for headaches

Such tricks have no result on balanced individuals. The cause of this pain is that one can clench their teeth - stiff upper lip - and one requires doing some exercises in order to put an end to that behavior so that you can get rid of your headache at its origin. One should be sharp-eyed and never let your rows of teeth meet each other any other times than when you are chewing something. There's no requirement to go around gaping like a fish - it's easily achievable to keep your lips closed without letting the teeth meet each other - but a small ventilation hole makes things easier. Open the mouth large and rotate the jaws from time to time. Snapping, crackling and clicking sounds from the jaws are generally nothing to worry about, it might even hurt some in the beginning - but that will cease in time.

Other cures for headaches

Even headache cause of abstinence can be partly cured with the methods above since abstinence headache caused by for example lack of coffee mainly sits in the same tensed spots as described above. Headache cause of lack of coffee is no reason to stop drinking coffee though. Coffee contains lots of antioxidants and it is also rumored that coffee may work preventive against some neurological diseases, such as Parkinson's for instance. Another universal cause of headache is tensions in the muscles of the eye.

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