First aid tip

medical assistance. It is this time that is most critical for the victim. What you do, or don't do during that period of time can make the difference between life and death. The following are tips for this particular period.
Tip when no medication available:
For burns aloe vera plant is good. Simply cut one of the plant's thick leaves and smear the juice of the aloe vera plant directly onto the burn. Keep the burn under cold water for several minutes to stop the burn. They must be cleaned properly and handled carefully. Bee stings can be treated with normal mud. If mud isn't available, a handful of soil will do. A wet aspirin can be placed over the bee sting. Insect bites can be treated with meat tenderizer. Acne can be lessened with the use of oranges and lemons. Wash face, and put a piece of fresh citric fruit over the entire surface. Leave for few minutes, and then wash off. For dry skin, try cooler baths and add oatmeal to the water. For dry hands and feet and crack, use vitamin E lotion, avoid hot baths, and allow only minimum exposure to hot and cold. Headaches can be treated with a hot bath and darkened room. If a nurse is available, hand and foot massages are excellent for reducing headache pain. For small children, it's possible to expel the excess gas by laying the child on back, bending the legs, and gently pushing the thighs up into the abdominal area. This works for adults too. Important thing to remember is that the rectum must be at the highest point. Gravity will do the rest. Belly aches can be reduced with the use of peppermint. Sometimes peppermint will cause the patient to vomit. That's not bad, usually after expelling the offending contents; the patient will feel well again. Canker sores take place in the mouth. These are quite painful. One therapy that appears to work is to dab salt on the sore. It hurts for a minute, but, for whatever reason, the sore usually clears up immediately. If you can't put salt directly on the sore, gargle with saltwater.
Again, as with any medical condition that does not readily go away, it is sensible to obtain professional medical assistance from a physician. But these tips and therapies will surely help when medication is not at all available. If the pain persists physician should be contacted immediately.

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First Aid
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