Wild Eyes:

Colored lenses:

It is the time to party and as it is the time to look out for a fresh change in the face to get a brand new look with the overall appearance and as the eyes have a great importance. There is an assurance of best of vision and there are many lenses that do not give the disturbance of vision but there are some exceptions like frost and other designs that have to hide pupils and hence these lenses must be worn carefully. People with a perfect vision can get any special effect contact lenses and these collections come with corrective powers as well for example, costume lenses from Wild Eyes and Crazy Lenses. People should never wear the special effect lenses for longer than 8 hours in a row and never sleep in them as they may cause defects in vision and can lead to permanent eye problems.

An occasional discomfort:

The normal lenses are transparent and people who wear them may not even notice them in the eye, but in cases of colored lenses it is seen that because of the opaque color layer, costume lenses block the flow of oxygen to your eyes, so they might feel irritating after several hours of wear. Eight hours is the highest time, for wearing costume contacts to avoid redness in the eye and to reduce the side effects of the lenses. There are many companies that offer hand painted special effect contact lenses with hundreds of very interesting designs to meet the needs of the people.


An optometrist should be visited before you get your lenses as contacts are not a one-size-fits-all proposition and a doctor needs to measure your eyes for the best fit. People should always prefer to buy your costume lenses only from registered contact lens retailers and never buy them from a gas station or beauty salon as it can be harmful to the eyes at a later stage. One should not negotiate on quality as there is no substitute if the quality goes down and if the quality of lenses is better then they will feel comfortable in your eyes.

Bags under eyes
The tissues under he eyes has a flat gently tense tone in the youth but along with the age and other factors muscles under eyes gets sagged and a ft bulge is formed. This is what is known as bags under eyes. In medical terms it is called protrusion...

Crazy Eyes:
Get the eye color for you: If you are looking out for contact lenses those give you a new fresh look and those which are let you chance the eye color of yours are in demand as they give you a crazy look. In addition there are many contact...

Replica Oakley sun glasses:
Oakley sung glasses have a long history. It was in the mid-18th century when James Ayscough began experimenting with tinted lenses in spectacles. He believed that blue- or green-tinted glass could correct specific vision impairments. Incidentally,...

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