Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips -

Helping You Get The Smokey Look!

Nothing can be more dramatic than the smoldering smokey eyes look. And yet it is one of the easiest looks one could achieve. However for any task, a few tips always come in handy and so follow the tips below to not mess up your eyes and to make them look the best they could!

Quick Tips To Make Your Eyes -Sexy And Smokey
1. When doing a smokey eye, it is suggested that you start with the eye makeup first before applying foundation. This way, it is easier to clean up any fallen shadow without messing the makeup of your entire face. This will also help to avoid the dark raccoon look under the eye.

2. Begin with a sheer nude color all over your eye and slowly move from lid to the brow.

3. Next, you can apply a dark brown or plum eye shadow starting from your lid and finishing on the crease. Since the look is smudged and smokey, another suggestion is to use crème shadows and apply them either with fingers or with a synthetic makeup brush.

4. Next, line up the entire eye with either dark brown or plum eyeliner. For this look, the pencil has been found to work the best. If you want a highly glamorous eye, then you could line the inner rim of your eye as well.

5. Follow this up with two-three coats of black mascara. It is always recommended that you first curl the lashes, to really open up the eye.

6. Then make sure the brows are groomed and there you are - ready to go!
You Do Tend To Get Raccoon Eyes - Pay More Attention to the Following Tips

1. Remember to apply eye shadow before any other makeup.

2. Place a Kleenex folded in half below your eye for catching any shadow that falls.

3. Apply white translucent powder below the eye. Dust it off after applying eye makeup. It will also catch any fallen shadow.

Use all the tips mentioned above and you cannot falter in getting the best smokey and sexy look for your eyes

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