Dry eyes contact lenses:

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Eyes that do not produce the required amount of tears are called dry eyes. This is a disease caused when the tear production is decreased or when there is an increase in the tear film evaporation. There is an irritation caused due to this, the eyes have a burning and a dry sensation. These symptoms occur mainly when there is loss of water in the tears, which cause the tears to become more salty or hyper tonic. This disease mainly occurs with older people because tear production decreases, as a person gets old.


There are various reasons for this dryness. Medication such as oral contraceptives, anti depressants can contribute to the symptoms of dry eyes. Chemical burns can also cause this disease. There are various conditions that cause dryness, smoky and heaty room, hair dryers, exposure to wind; riding a bike also can cause the lenses to dry


People who experience the dry eye syndrome do not have a permanent cure but lenses and other medication like drops or ointment can reduce it. Usually these patients cannot tolerate lenses but a great amount of improvement has been done in the technology. They are now fitted with newest polymers; this allows the lenses to retain water. This helps the person not feel the dryness. Restasis is a drop that allows these patients to wear the contact lenses for as long as eight hours. These are the only drops approved by the FDAto treat chronic eyes. Earlier people had no choice but to wear glasses, now they have to be thankful to the latest technology in contact lenses and also the multifocal lenses.


Lenses are of different types Soft, Hard and Semi Soft lenses. Depending on the patient the doctor will suggest which lenses should they opt for. Lenses are manufactured from two types of polymeric material. Soft lenses are made from hydrophilic plastic, which contains water. The more the water a soft lens contains the more it is prone to dehydrate and loss of water causing dryness. This is anyways a temporary problem. Changing the material of the lenses or changing the water content of the soft lenses can eliminate it. Many companies have come up with lenses to eliminate the dryness of eyes. Some of them are: Acuvue Advance, these are made of hydra clear solution. Being very soft and siklythey are very comfortable to use they have two designs in lenses. UVA&UVB.

Biomedics: These are to be disposed off in2 weeks. They have a visibility tint, thus making it easier to remove and insert.
Focus Night and Day: These are perfect for people with hectic lifestyle. The main advantage is that it reduces the hassle of inserting and cleaning. Use it for a month and throw.

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