Dark Circles under Eyes:

Dark circle under eyes has become the most common problem every second person is found to face this problem there could be several reasons for this which might varies from person to person. It might be because of lack of sleep or because of some internal problem or because of tension.


Dark circles under eyes could be due to endless reasons but one thing is for sure that it always indicates that somewhere you are lacking something or must undergoing through physical or mental problems. Factors causing dark circles could be endless, say one must be going through excess physical work, lacking sleep, doing wrong medication, suffering from fever or cough, due to tiredness, pregnancy, menstruation problem, or it could be hereditary. Unbalance diet, over age, swelling, nausea and cold. Pigmentation is another reason which leads to dark circle normally this is common in summer days sun exposure is much. Another common reason is allergy due to dust exposure, breathing problem or asthma also results in black ring. Thus there are endless reasons for black ring alarming you that you are not fit.

Remedies To Dark Circle:

Dark circles are the most common problem but they are even capable of being overcome. one can easily hide his/her dark circles by cosmetics or even by going through regular medical checkup which will aware you of your disorders and one can also go for natural remedies like using cotton dipped in rose water over eyes for 20 minutes or tea bags boiled in water and then placed over eyes after cooling, cucumber juice is also useful. Cosmetics also has got large variety in it like concealer which can blends well with your skin tone, it varies for different skin color other very common and effective method to overcome this problem is meditation, which makes blood flow uniform to all body part and also is a cure for various other diseases thereby indirectly curing black ring. A proper nutritious diet containing all minerals and vitamins and proper sleep and happy and relaxed mental state also rescue from this.

Thus with little sense of consciousness you can be ever free from the problem of dark circles which indirectly shows that you are undergoing through some problem.

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