Bags under eyes

The tissues under he eyes has a flat gently tense tone in the youth but along with the age and other factors muscles under eyes gets sagged and a ft bulge is formed. This is what is known as bags under eyes. In medical terms it is called protrusion blepharochalasis. It mainly forms because of certain factors like the normal ageing, fatigue or being, allergies, swelling, obesity, and certain other medical problems. The eyes are surrounded by protecting fat. The facial eyelid muscles and skin hold this retro-orbital fat in place resulting in a youthful line starting from the eyelashes to the check. Bags under eyes indicate a large intestine problem, or kidney problem. The bags right under, straddling the lower eyelids are kidney bags and the one below them are large intestine bags. Alcohol, smoking, stress, aging, too much work, or lack of sleep is lifestyle issues. They are not the cause of the problem. These only aggravate the problem. All it starts with is the accumulation of the crap and mucus inside you.


Under eye bags are formed from the fat gentle pressure on this lax muscle, ligament, and skin wall. In some cases there is extra fat behind the support wall creating the baggy eyelids. Sometimes there is relaxed extra skin causing the eye bags. Otherwise the lid muscles are just thickened. Upper eyelid bags can be the result of drooping eyebrows. Eye bags can be because of: -
1) Blepharochalasis- Uncommon combination of protruding skin folds of eyelids, severe thinning of lid skin, recurrent episodes of lid swelling and inflammation.
2) Dermochalasis- Extra skin
3) Hypertrophy of the orbicularis muscle- Eyelid muscle overgrowth
4) Protrusion of intraorbital fat
5) Browptosis- Baggy upper eyelids from drooping brows
6) Combination of the above problems


Eye bags can be aggravated or improved with room lightning. Point source harsh illumination from above tends to cast shadows accentuating under eye bags. Diffuse lightning softens shadows. Blepharoplasty for eye bag removal depends on the individual problems. Blepharoplasty sculpture is often a blend of individual elements to address each component of what has caused the baggy eyelids.

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