Teen Eating Disorders:

they subject themselves to torture by overeating or by not eating at all. With the aim of losing weight at all costs, teenagers cope with eating disorders even to the extent of starving themselves to death.
Teen Eating Disorders - starvation
Many teenagers think that the best way to lose weight is to not eat anything. Such people avoid most foods and are quite picky and choosy about anything that they eat. Calorie conscious and taking note of every bit of fat or nutrient content in their food, these modern teenagers try to beat nature by depriving themselves of good food by starving for long periods of time.
Teen Eating Disorders - Overeating and bulimia
Some teenagers have the tendency to overeat at times and then follow it up with induced vomiting to shed off the excess weight they feel they are putting on. These are referred to as cases of bulimia. Bulimia and overeating are observed among school-going teenagers as well. Celebrities and models in magazines often inspire these teenagers. What teenagers do not realize is that eating disorders can wreak havoc in their daily lives.
Teen Eating Disorders - anorexic
Attempting to imitate fashion stars and models can severely affect one's digestive system and the after effects of the same can be dangerous. Disturbing trends among teenagers with regard to eating disorders have made many seek professional help to cope with their health and fitness. Media images of thin models and stars make many teenagers crave thin figures and are very much afraid of becoming fat if they do not control their diet. This often leads to compulsive over control. Media images that project happy and successful men and women with figures like hourglasses, does tend to have a negative effect on impressionable young minds.
Teen Eating Disorders - other causes
Some events are also known to trigger eating disorders among teenagers. Young people who are not sure how to cope with a certain situation may resort to binges or starvation. Many other factors such as relationships, jobs, and social environment among others can cause a person to overeat or not eat for hours together. What teens do not realize is simple eating disorders in their teenage years could lead to major health related problems later on in their lives.

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Eating Disorders
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