Celebrities with Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is not the bane of common people. It affects celebrities too. Recent surveys and reviews have celebrities talking about how once upon a time before they became celebrities, they faced eating disorders in their lives, and how they overcame their binges or still continue to struggle with the same though putting up a brave front to the world outside.

Celebrity Watch

Most celebrities that we come across seem to have the perfect figure one aims for. Exercising no end and keeping a strict watch on their food intake as well as weight loss or gain, these celebrities, at times, send out the wrong signals to the youth and the general public who find themselves imitating what their favorite stars eat or do not eat.

Eating disorders or lifestyles gone awry?

Pressure to keep looking fit and plastic smiles to portray happiness and a general well-being have celebrities wreak havoc on their eating habits. You cannot look obese or starved, you cannot look worried, and you cannot definitely look as if you are stressed out. But the fact remains, that underneath all that is put up for you by these celebrities in the different magazines or videos, they are all people who crave a good food schedule and are more tired of their eating disorders than anyone else. A healthy lifestyle is not one most of today's celebrities can claim to have.

Copying celebrities

A majority of teenagers and youth look up to celebrities as their idols and adapt to whatever they say. What celebrities wear becomes a fashion trend, what celebrities enjoy doing becomes the most happening zone and what celebrities eat or do not eat becomes the mantra for many an impressionable mind. Copying celebrities' lifestyles without applying mind or matter can result in serious eating disorders. One must realize the fact that seemingly successful men and women with figures like hourglasses are wreaking havoc in their lives with their eating disorders and are likely to face many health problems later on in their lives.

Coping with normal life

However hard a celebrity may try, he or she knows that keeping fit and looking healthy is their only way to remain in news. Any wrong eating decision can give wrong signals to their fans. A star is known by his fan following and a normal life is definitely what they yearn for. It is for us normal people to take the right attitudes and habits of these celebrities and not follow them blindly.

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