Deaf ministry

On July 24, twenty-two people made their way to Ozark Adventist Academy at Gentry, Arkansas to go to school. This was the second lay training program of Deaf people, Deaf Reach 2005. Adventist Deaf Ministries (ADM) sponsored Deaf Reach 2005, with support from the North American Division of the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists. This was the second time a weeklong intensive training was developed to train Adventist Deaf people on how to talk to their friends about Jesus and what He has done for us. The first one was held last year. Twenty-two people, from ages nineteen years old to seventy, came from all over the country and other places. We had attendees from Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. One came from Texas, whom is involved with Deaf ministry in Mexico. Another came from Toronto, Canada. But our award for most distance traveled would go to a young man from Barbados. The deaf Ministry is one of the newest focus ministry groups at Lover's Lane, a special ministry groups at Lovers Lane, a special ministry that has grown over the past three years into a vital spiritual connection for deaf and hard of hearing persons in our community. At Lover's Lane, we are committed to helping those who seek the fellowship of a church family and weekly worship, yet feel separated from traditional services because of their communication needs.

Deaf ministry missions

The deaf world ministries web site proclaims that deaf and hard of hearing people are one of the largest unserved faith populations in the world. To bolster this point of view, the web site offers a page of statistics on deaf populations and faiths around the world, based on the 1995 world almanac and book of facts. According to the statistics the country with the most deaf and hard of hearing people is India, with an estimated 90 million hearing impaired, the majority of whom are Hindu. China is close behind with an estimated 73 million. The organization deaf missions have signed and voiced videotape that shows deaf missionary activities around the world. Countries showcased include the Philippines, Romania, Africa, and Moldova.

Deaf events
Attendance at Deaf events is an excellent way to improve receptive skills, learn how Deaf people talk about various topics, learn about Deaf culture, network with those who may provide valuable information in the future, provide reciprocity through...

Deaf job
As being a deaf it is difficult to get a job and find for the same. In that case it is also difficult to communicate with the employer, as he may not have met a deaf person before in his life. Also communicating with them in the sign language is not...

Famous deaf people
By deafness we mean inability to hear. But if we go deep into reality there many people proving this inability into ability. They have proved themselves and made an example for the other people who are being challenged by such inability. These...

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