Deaf awareness

Deaf awareness program is held from 1st to 7th May 2006 every year. The theme of the program aims to improve understanding of the different types of deafness by highlighting the many different methods of communication used by deaf, deafened, deafblind and hard of hearing people, such as sign language and lip-reading. The program is supported by over one hundred deaf charities and organizations under the umbrella of the UK council on deafness; deaf awareness week involves a UK wide series of national and local events. One of the main concerns of the program is to show that those of us with a hearing loss are not slow or stupid. Many hearing people are embarrassed in the presence of hard-of-hearing people. It is the day today job to show them how to overcome their embarrassment and how they can communicate with us most effectively.

Basic terminology

This is a difficult area, and it's always changing. It's important to remember that we all have our own preferences or what we consider to be acceptable terminology to describe our particular hearing loss. It is always helpful for both hearing and deaf people to come back to basic principle i.e. why the terminology is necessary? The basic aim of using appropriate terminology is, of course, to avoid offending the deaf or hard-of-hearing person. It is also to avoid negative labeling or stereotyping of deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Terms which may be acceptable to the majority of deaf and hard-of-hearing people include, deaf, hard of hearing, hearing loss, partially deaf, hearing impaired, partially hearing, tinnitus and deafened.

More about the deaf awareness week

The world federation of the deaf is an international organization composed of 120 national associations of the deaf which, in collaboration with the United Nations, serves all countries in the enhancement of the social, economic and cultural lives of deaf and hard of hearing people. The National Association of the deaf participates in deaf world week, initiated by the world federation of the deaf, annually during the last full week in September to celebrate the culture, heritage, and language unique to deaf people of the world.

Deaf products
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Deaf sports
The world Recreation of the deaf is a non-profit recreational, educational, and cultural organization made up of deaf, hearing impaired and hearing people who live in all parts of the world. WRAD celebrates the differences and diversions of people,...

Deaf world
The Deaf-World is what Deaf people call their culture with its unique language and institutions. Deaf-Worlds exist in many lands, wherever Deaf people communicate primarily in sign language and are connected by a culture that is recognizably their...

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