Deaf Art:

What is deaf art?

The art created by a deaf person or any person with impaired hearing is deaf art. It represents the artist's deaf experiences. These experiences may include Deaf metaphors, Deaf perspectives, and Deaf insight in relationship with the environment or with people of close acquaintance. It helps one understand the perception of a deaf person's silent world. This type of art is more looked at with a spiritual or a philosophical viewpoint. However the artist tries to depicts his everyday life experiences. Critics and experts have noticed more use of contrasting colors and values and contrasting textures. They have also discovered deaf art to be rather larger-than-life especially while portraying human figures.

About deaf artists:

Deaf artists are those who have no barriers of any kind. They have no definition for art. They are able to use art in any form, media and subject matter. These people have no hearing power, however they have high level hearing senses, hence they try and express what the world seems like to them through visual art. They have a fantastic sense of visual perception, which can be seen through their art. It is not necessary that the artist has to be deaf; he can also be a child of deaf parents. These children develop excellent communication skills. They have the capacity to understand a deaf man's world.

Types of deaf art:

Deaf art is of all types. You have sculptures, paintings, drawing photography, and printmaking. These art forms are as good as normal kinds. The only aspects that make these different from the other ones are the high contrast, centralized focus, and exaggeration of specific features such as ears, eyes and nose. These qualities have been found to be very typical in all forms of deaf arts.

Current status and people's opinion:

People are encouraging deaf art more and more. This helps them to communicate with the deaf world of the artist. Parents have started cheering their deaf children who have inclination towards art to start giving expression to their paintings and drawings. A number of deaf art workshops and exhibitions are held that are helping make this form of art more and more popular and appreciated.

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