Thai food calories

What are calories?

A calorie is nothing but a unit of measurement which is used to show the potential amount of energy that is provided to the body when a particular food is consumed. Calories are required by the body to do its functions such as breathing, blood circulation, and other physical activities. The number of calories required by a body when it is sick is more than that required in case of good health. The way to prevent calories from turning into fat is exercise and a good, balanced diet. Another unit to measure the same is what we call kilocalorie. It is a unit of energy that equals to 1,000 calories, which is actually the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water one degree Celsius.

What is Thai food all about?

Thai food is generally about rice and the various ways of cooking it. Rice is a very common food item but it needs to be eaten with something otherwise it doesn't taste good. There are several dishes that can be eaten with rice. Generally all of tem are rally hot and spicy and that is all what the Thai food is famous for. Eating Thai food is a good option as the cuisine has several healthy choices for all those health-conscious ones.

What is the calorie content of Thai food?

The calorie content of the Thai food can be elucidated by looking at the following facts. Every fish cake contains around 50 calories and the very famous spring role, each one of it, contains around 100 calories. Talking of the starters and the soups, the chicken, coconut and galangel soup contains around 110 calories. The highest among the starter is the satay and peanut sauce that has a calorie content of 400. The pork fried with ginger, the dish called moo pad king contains 310 calories, the pork with bamboo shots has a calorie content of 370 calories, the fish with lemon juice has around 400 ones and the fried noodles contain 410 calories.

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