Pizza Hut Calories:

What is pizza hut?
Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain and international food franchise specializing in pizza which was founded in 1958 by two college students, Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas. It was also bought by PepsiCo, Inc. in 1977. No one can resist eating pizzas but pizzas contain high values of calories and fats, hence there are chances of gaining weight.

How much calories does the food in pizza hut contain?
Everyone loves to eat pizza but does anyone know how much calories one pizza contains.

The calories for food at Pizza Hut are listed below:
Pan Pizza supreme: contains 620 calories and 35grams fats per 1 whole pizza.
Pan Pizza Hawaiian: contains 550 calories and 30grams fats per pizza.
BBQ meat lovers contain 3108 calories and 148.8grams fats per 1 large.
Pan pizza super supreme (2772 calories,122.4 grams fats).
Pan pizza vegetarian(2208 calories, 72 grams fats).
1 serving of garlic bread contains 400 calories and 17 grams fats.
1 serving of lasagne contains 260 calories and 11 gram fats.
Thin'N Crispy pizza super supreme contains 2260 calories and 108 grams fats per pizza.
Apple dessert pizza contains 250 calories per slice.
Cherry dessert pizza (250 calories) per slice.
Ham and cheese sandwich (550 calories).
Supreme Sandwich (640 calories).
Cavatini Pasta (480 calories)
Cavatini Supreme Pasta (560 calories).
Pepperoni lovers (680 calories).
Stuffed Crust (440 calories).

How shall we burn so many calories?
People love to maintain their weight or loose their weight. But the fact is if you consume lots of pizza you will definitely gain lots of weight. It is always preferred to count the calories of the item you are eating if you don't count you will gain lots of weight. Counting calories is also one way of maintaining your weight or you can burn your calories by doing some activities regularly like walking, dancing for becoming energetic, swimming, aerobics, jogging early in the morning. These all the activities will keep you fit and maintain your weight so remove the fear of burning calories.

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