Panera Bread Calories:

What is Panera bread?

Panera Bread is a chain of restaurants established in 1981 in the United States that specialize in serving bread like sandwiches, tea and other items where they are headquartered in Richmond Heights, Missouri. They have become so popular that currently they have locations in 35 states, with future plans to expand further.

How many calories are there in Panera bread?

Let's talk about fruits and salads; Asian Chicken Salad contains 160 calories and 5.5gram fats, grilled chicken Ceaser salad contains 180 calories and 6.6g fats while Greek salad contains 115 calories and 8g fat. Classic Café Salad, which is the most typical salad, contains only 25 calories and 0g fat while the Strawberry Poppy salad(190 calories and 7g fat) and the Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad(180 calories and 6g fat). One fruit cup of 5oz contains 70 calories and 0g fat.

Now checking out for soups Cuban black Bean soup of 8oz contains 210 calories and 5g fat, Low-fat Chicken Noodle of 8oz(100 calories and 2g fat), French Onion soup with no cheese or croutons of 8oz(80 calories and 3g fat), Low-fat Vegetarian Garden Vegetable Soup of 8oz(90 calories and 0.5 fats) while Panera's Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean and Low-Fat Vegetarian Tomato Lentil soups have 160 calories and 120 calories and 1g fat and 1.5g fat respectively, for 8-oz. servings.

The sandwiches here are very high in fat and calories since they have got lots of cheese, mayo and other more items that make the calories count soar. Here half sandwich will contain 200-250 calories and 2g of fat. In Panera Bread, the low carb breads are smaller containing 90 calories and 2.5g fat. The most favorite item known is Panera's new Artisan Whole Grain Baguette that contains 140 calories and 1 g fat.

What is right to have in Panera Bread?
Whenever you approach the counter, you start to waiver but don't forget to stick to your diet. While having any food just count the calories and have your food, doing this you will maintain your weight. You'll find the display of the three-advice flyer at the registers of all our Panera Bread bakery-cafes and each flyer is a great tool offering menu suggestions and nutritional information for these three dietary needs.
Also at every Panera Bread bakery-cafe, you'll find a gold and green "Eating Right at Panera Bread", filled with suggestions for starting your day off, negotiating lunch and dinner choices, and even tips on how to cut down without sacrificing the taste experience hence there is no need to worry about your diet most of the times.

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